Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello-o-o-o-o?'s been a while. I never intended to stay away for so long, but life has a way of changing even the best of intentions, I guess.

I'm still finishing up the Christmas knitting. Don't laugh! I'm almost done. Just one more sock for my sister and half a scarf for my dad and I'm home free. Then I'm itching to tackle a couple of UFO's. My goal is to have the sock by the end of the day tomorrow and the scarf by the end of the weekend.

On the design front, I've got a new design for a head scarf / ear warmer. I think it's super cute, but I've sold it to my lys exclusively until September. If you're local, you can check it out at Gene Ann's Yarns.

I've been thinking a lot about the Moose's Argyle Vest pattern and I've decided that as of February 1, 2010, I am going to change it to a pay pattern. It's been free for more than year and I want to give anyone in progress a chance to make sure they have a good copy. It will still be available as a pdf download. I realize that this decision will make some people unhappy, and I'm sorry for that. Unfortunately, times are hard for everyone right now, including my family. I hope to release more free patterns in the future, but for now, the Cabled Thank You Socks are and will remain free.

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