Friday, October 15, 2010

Well, crap.

I am knitting Honey Baby by Anne Hanson. It is gorgeous and fun to knit. It is a gift for some really special friends who live far away. Their adorable new baby was born Wednesday evening. I still have 20 rounds left, that near 800 stitches each, and then a knitted on edging. I am hoping to finish by Tuesday and ship it Thursday after blocking. The gift will then arrive before the baby is even 2 weeks old.

That sounds doable, right? Right? Not crazy? Not I-can't-do-anything-not-even-make-dinner crazy right? I really want to avoid that because my kids really don't need to eat takeout that many nights in a row. So, tell me people, am I looking at a slice of crazy pie right about now?


  1. Crock pot meals!!!

  2. Good idea! That may be tonight's plan. Or a pot of soup if I put it together quick.