Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Josie Tam

Some people look cute in hats.  My sister in law looks fabulous in every hat I tried on her.  My daughter looks adorable in hats.  Not so much for me.  When I wear a hat I look warm.  Period.  No fashion statement, no je ne sais quois.  Just warm.

Which is really too bad because I love hats.  I want terribly to rock a hat, but I've mostly given it up.  Some people are not hat people.  So I have taken to knitting hats for all those in life how do look good hats.  But it nagged at me.

When I was small, my mom used to buy me gorgeous little fair-isle patterned tams.  I loved them and I still do.  Thinking about those tams, made me wonder if maybe, just maybe, I could pull off a slouchy  tam.

I'm not sure that I look amazing in it, but it's a quite a bit better than most.  Plus, it was a lot of fun to make.  It's named for my grandma, Josie, and it's knit form the bottom up.  The lacey rib pattern is a 4 round repeat that is quickly memorized and becomes intuitive.  It's also easy to adjust the amount of slouch to just the right proportion for you.

Josie a quick knit on US size 6 needles and just a skein or 2 dk weight yarn.  I used Valley Yarns Superwash DK in Misty Lilac, which is soft and oh-so-springy.  Just an evening or two will do to create your own Josie tam.  Josie is available as a pdf download here.  Keep an eye for matching fingerless mitts too.  The pattern should be available by next week.

I hope it keep you warm, while not making you look...um, warm.

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