Monday, February 21, 2011

A Tour of Lorna's Laces

This past Saturday I was part of a group that was lucky enough to tour Lorna's Laces.  Owner - Beth Casey was so gracious! She told us how she came to own Lorna's Laces and taught us a bit about each yarn. 

The best part was (of course!) the dye demo.  We watched as Beth dyed 24 skeins of yarn for Jimmy Beans.  It was amazing to realize that despite all the yarn Lorna's Laces turn out, each dye lot is only ever 24 skeins.  Know why?  That's what fits on the dye table.  Cool, huh? 

After all the dye is applied, it moves over to be heated so that the dye sets. 

Then it gets a quick spin the washing machine and hung to dry.  

After the tutorial, Beth turned us loose on some mill ends. 

I picked up some beautiful skeins.  I'm glad my sister was there too.  We helped to keep each other in check. And, believe me, it was necessary!  In the end I cam home a fairly reasonable amount that I am in love with.  I got some Fisherman, Shepherd Worsted, Shepherd Sport, and Shepherd Sock.
 My sister got some nice stuff too.
Last, I just wanted to show the a couple of cute decorations in the studio.

It was a really interesting and fun morning.  Thanks, Beth!

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