Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zoe Blanket

Hey all!  I've been a very busy girl lately.  But that means I have brand new pattern to show you today.  I'm proud to present the Zoe Blanket, published by the Sanguine Gryphon.

It's knit from 3 skeins (1350 yds) of Skinny Bugga! on US size 2.5 (3mm) needles.  It's knit from the center out with a knit-on edging and just a teeny-tiny little seam to sew at the end.  The majority of the blanket is soothing stockinette stitch, with a bit of textured stitches every so often to keep it interesting.

The design is named for Kris and Pamela's (of the Sanguine Gryphon) new baby girl, Zoe.  Congratulations to the new parents, and I hope Zoe is enjoying her blanket.

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