Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Ahead

I'm working on a design.  I don't think I've shown a work in progress on the blog before, but since this will be a self published piece, why not?

It's in my favorite shades of orange.  It just screams spring to me.  I'm really ready for spring this year.  This fall and winter my mom was diagnosed and began her battle with breast cancer.  She's finished with chemotherapy and, at the beginning of next month, she'll have her surgery.  Her doctors are giving her a good prognosis, but this has been a very scary time for all of us.  Spring is the new beginning we desperately need right now.

Knitting on this has helped. Can you see the little diamonds?  I'm sending this off for tech editing next week, so I have a lot of knitting to do still.  And I still need to name it, always one of the hardest parts!

1 comment:

  1. Hope, Your Mom's name, Spring Renewal, Orange Blossoms, Brilliant, Gem, Bright Side, Your Mom's name + fancy, Resilience, Tabula Rasa (fresh start), Vigor, Health or Renewal in Italian. If I think of more I'll post :)