Thursday, November 7, 2013


I recently completed the sweetest little girl dress.  It's my first holiday knit of the season.

Nova by Signe S. Simonsen from Petite Purls, Issue 8. 

I knit from Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply, my all time favorite yarn.  The colors are Sugar (the pink) and Athena (the brown).  I only used about 3/4 of each skein. I made no mods except to shorten the sleeves, since this little one lives in a much warmer place.  It was lovely pattern, well written and easy to knit during this summer's endless softball and soccer games.

This is her combo, belated first birthday/holiday dress.  But since her mom was here to visit, I sent it home with her.  I want this sassy girl to get as much wear as possible out of it. 

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