Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Explanation in pictures

I finished the test knit of the Spring Sprouts Tank. I think and hope it's rather straight forward, but there is a small section (the shoulder straps) I thought might benefit from a photo tutorial.

In picture 1, I've completed the 1st section of applied i-cord and continued to make the i-cord shoulder strap.

Here are the remaining stitches waiting on the holder.

I've transferred the stitches to a needle.

I've added the 3 i-cord stitches in front on those remaining stitches.

I begin the second section of applied i-cord.

Here I've completed the last of the applied i-cord.

Now, I just need to graft the strap to the beginning.

I pick up 3 stitches and graft / kitchner stitch them together.


I'm working on the final copy of the pattern now. It will go live on May 30, or maybe a little sooner if I can manage it.

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